We’re moving forward as NUHW

Not back into contract bargaining alone under UNAC

NUHW In Action

As NUHW, we’ve won strong contracts, stood up for each other, and advanced our professions.

A Supportive Union

“What I love about NUHW is that I know that no matter what time I call, I always get support.”

Health Educator (Ret.)
Kaiser Center for Health Living

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A Democratic Union

“We helped form NUHW more than a decade ago to make sure we would have a voice in our union and in our workplaces.”:

Registered Dietitian
Kaiser Riverside

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A Professionals Union

“In our Regional Professional Practice Committee this year, we reached an agreement with Kaiser on guidelines for when patients need more time so we’re not rushing them through appointments.”

Kaiser Fontana

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We’re voting to move forward with NUHW — not back into bargaining under UNAC.

The Real UNAC

UNAC is a nurses’ union that doesn’t prioritize our interests.

UNAC Failed Us

“Under UNAC, we didn’t have a say in anything. We paid our dues and had to take what was given to us.”

Physical Therapist
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

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UNAC Let Us Down

“UNAC was not responsive to us. We were represented by UNAC for over two decades, they only let people down.”

Registered Nurse, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

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UNAC’s Secrets and Lies

UNAC negotiates in secret, silences dissent and ignores the needs of its members.

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Get the Facts

Learn what’s in our contracts, and what we’d stand to lose under UNAC.

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How to Vote

Get the details on the election and how to cast your ballot.

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Not back into contract bargaining alone under UNAC

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