Roohe Ahmed

“I wouldn’t have survived early pandemic life without NUHW. I don’t want to lose the good representation I get from my NUHW stewards or the benefits of the contract that we just signed. We’re making good progress as NUHW. There’s no reason to give that up and go right back into bargaining.”

Registered Dietitian
Baldwin Park

Silvia Delgado

I love our union. I’m a founding member of our union and I know from experience we have won many quality improvements to our professions. A long time ally of our union, Dolores Huerta, once said, “I can no longer accept the things I cannot change… I’m changing the things I cannot accept.” We don’t have to look outside ourselves to bring change. As NUHW, we have fundamentally changed how Kaiser understands the value of our work and the necessity of our professions. There is no reason to stop the train now and I encourage everyone to get on board. As an experienced steward proudly in the trenches with you all I can say we are definitely most powerful when we’re united.

Registered Dietician Nutritionist
Baldwin Park

Karen Garcia Herrera

I want to be a part of a union that is transparent, supportive and encourages participation from every member. That is NUHW in a nutshell.

During a difficult period in our department, before I became a steward, both the NUHW staff and our steward at the time put their necks out for us and never gave up until we finally achieved a better working environment. It was NUHW that led this fight. No other union got involved even though several of our colleagues who belonged to other unions also needed support.

Now that I’m a steward, I understand how challenging it can be to stand up for our rights but I know it’s the right thing to do. No one wants to have to put up a fight but sometimes it is necessary and we can’t just sit in the sidelines. NUHW has always supported me and my coworkers; that’s why I will always support NUHW.

Registered Dietician Nutritionist

Angelica Day

“In NUHW there’s always a voice on the other end of the phone. We’re always supported, and we always get a say in what we do. I don’t want to be swallowed into a big nurses’ union like UNAC, and I don’t want to lose the contract we just signed and negotiate a new one.”

Registered Dietician Nutritionist
Baldwin Park

Stacy Eldridge

“NUHW supports licensure for registered dietitians because we are a member-led union. UNAC doesn’t represent any dietitians and as a nurses union it has never supported licensure for our profession.”

Registered Dietician Nutritionist
Kaiser Bakersfield

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